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Backend Engineer at Atlan

Right now I am on a journey to explore the true meaning of data and understanding problems faced by other organization

Internships #

I started my journey with other companies when I was in 2nd Semester of my college and it all started with:

New Rubric Solutions #

(Aug 2017 - Feb 2018) #

During this internship I got exposed to learn about frontend and backend technologies, working with PDF and interacting with other technologies

Technologies I used: NodeJS, Angular 4, Typescript, Firebase and other dependent libraries related PDF

Teknuance Info Solutions #

(Nov 2017 - May 2018) #

During that time, I was on fire and doing 2 internships at a same time and I got to learn a lot here for my favourate language which was Python. Also this is where I got my chance to make use of newly developed skill Django and understood APIs, CRON Jobs using celery, Google APIs usage and ML models

Technologies I used: Python, Django, Celery, Google Gmail API, Redis, Postgresql

AudienceSutra #

(Feb 2018 - Aug 2018) #

Yes, still on fire and doing 2 internships at a same time, that’s why timeline is colliding with previous one. Here I got to actually work with Django using Django REST Framework and creating APIs with totally new challenges

Technologies I Used: Python, Django, DRF, PostgreSQL, Angular 4

YourDOST #

(Jun 2018 - Aug 2018) #

Still on fire, doing 2 internships but this time I got to experience on-office work at Bangalore and most importantly, polishing my skills as a Fullstack Developer. It was for short-duration but it was fun

Technologies I Used: Angular 6

Working on Angular 6 by increasing their productivity in operations team with UI, performance, usability

Absolute Face Solutions #

(Sep 2018 - Oct 2018) #

And finally, I was doing 1 internship at a time and to be honest I was rusty during this time period, hence I started working on my personal development. During this internship, I got to work with latest problems faced by industries and integrating it in production

Technologies I Used: Python, DRF, Angular 6

Using Django Framework and integrating video based check-in (face recognition) with Angular 6 and hosting it in AWS. Worked in both Django framework, Sockets and integrating it with Frontend from scratch

OMOads #

(Oct 2018 - Dec 2018) #

I joined this company to get experience working with 360 VR Technologies in advertisement sector with Django and other technologies which was fun working with it

Technologies I used: Python, DRF, Google Maps

Responsible for enhancing their 360 VR technologies in Web app and re-writing existing code for future enhancement.

Axcelorate Labs Private Limited #

Jun 2019 - Dec 2019 | 7 months #

This internship was eye opener in my case and it literally connected all the dots which were floating in my brain and created one huge picture. I got to learn about Microservices, APIs, Docker, Orchestrating with Kubernetes, Testing, Transaction and Optimization

Technologies I used: Python, Flask, VueJS, Docker, Kubernetes, GraphQL, Razorpay, PostgreSQL

Thanks for reading!