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I'm Shashank Sharma, just a guy who loves coding, designing and anime.

How Vulnerable was Online RGPV Exam 2020

The main reason behind this blog is to understand the seriousness of mistakes that were made without any proper arrangements and the impact of such mistakes. In this blog, I’ll be covering how the RGPV Exam portal was so vulnerable that it exposed around 49 thousands of students’ private data/submissions publicly and how it could have ruined everyone’s exam without... Keep reading

[Notes] Javascript: Language of the Web

Just to be clear, this blog is not my original content, it's just the compilation of what I understood from different resources, in short notes
Note: It's buggy :c

Javascript is primarily client side language which gets executed on webpages to make it more interactive (in short telling web browser do some dirty work). It was... Keep reading

Using Truecaller SDK with Django and Heroku

Whenever we wants to authenticate any user through phone number then the most basic way to do this is to send one OTP verification code, let user read it and then enters it into the website and then proceed. Now this process takes a bit of time and as a developer we can optimize it by using TrueSDK. It helps... Keep reading

Rajwada Palace, Indore, India

Internet Of Things poster

Hackathon theme poster

Roronoa Zoro | One Piece | Fan art

Luffy | One Piece | Fan art

Luffy 4th Gear | One Piece

Backend Developer at Hackerrank

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